71st Regiment of Foot

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Crest of the Highland Light Infantry


  • 1758 raised from 2nd Battalion 32nd Regiment of Foot
  • 1763 became a Regiment of Invalids
  • 1768 disbanded
  • 1775 raised as 71st (Highland) Regiment of Foot (Fraser's Highlanders)
  • 1786 redesignated as the 71st (Highland) Regiment of Foot (MacLeod's Highlanders)
  • 1809 became 71st (Glasgow Highland Light Infantry) in 1809 then 71st (Highland) Regiment of Foot (Light Infantry)
  • 1881 united with the 74th (Highland) Regiment of Foot to form the 1st Battalion, Highland Light Infantry
  • 1959 amalgamated with the Royal Scots Fusiliers to form the Royal Highland Fusiliers (Princess Margaret's Own Glasgow and Ayrshire Regiment)
  • 2003 amalgamated with the other regiments of the Scottish Division to become part of the Royal Regiment of Scotland
  • 2006 known as the Royal Highland Fusiliers, 2nd Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland (2 SCOTS)

Regimental Journal

A regular regimental journal can be a valuable source of information. The Highland Light Infantry Chronicle was published quarterly, from Volume 1, no. 1 January 1893 to Volume 54, no. 3, December 1958. Some editions are available online, see below. The British Library has this publication in its catalogue. Another source may be the National Army Museum, or the Regimental Museum.

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Historical books online

The Highland Light Infantry (the 71st H.L.I. and 74th Highlanders) by L B Oatts 1969. Archive.org Books to Borrow/Lending Library. A book in the series Famous Regiments. (113 pages)