8th King George's Own Light Cavalry

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Formed in 1922 by the amalgamation of the

Regimental history

History of 8th King George V.'s Own Light Cavalry by H. G. Rawlinson. [With plates.] Published 1948. Available at the British Library UIN: BLL01001795331

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The author was an officer in the 8th King George V’s Own Light Cavalry , better known as “The 8th", between January and June 1940 based at Kohat, when it took part in an action in Waziristan. The 8th was one of the last fully horsed Regiments in the Indian Cavalry, the remainder having been mechanised.

Historical books online

Recommended by Peter Moore in Military reading list who says "Selected in England to be trained as an Officer Cadet in Wellington, Southern India, he was commissioned into the 8th King George’s own Light Cavalry, Indian Army... This story covers the period between the wars and up to the end of the World War. He saw active service in the North-West Frontier; Africa; China and was the first prisoner-of-war to escape from the Japanese in Hong Kong; ending the war as the Equitation Instructor at the Officer Cadet School in Bangalore”. His earlier book Escape From The Bloodied Sun was a more detailed account of his escape from Hong Kong when he was an officer in the Middlesex Regiment.