26th Light Cavalry

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  • 1787 raised as the 5th Regiment Madras Native Cavalry
  • 1788 became the the 1st Madras Native Cavalry
  • 1816 became 1st Madras Light Cavalry
  • 1886 became the 1st Regiment of Madras Lancers
  • 1901 became the 1st Madras Lancers
  • 1903 became the 26th Light Cavalry
  • 1909 became the 26th Prince of Wales Own Light Cavalry
  • 1910 became the 26th King George’s Own Light Cavalry
  • 1922 amalgamated with 30th Lancers (Gordon's Horse) to become the 8th King George's Own Light Cavalry
  • 1947 allocated to India on Partition

Battle Honours

Regimental history

History of 8th King George V.'s Own Light Cavalry by H. G. Rawlinson. [With plates.] Published 1948. Available at the British Library UIN: BLL01001795331

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The author was an officer in the 8th King George V’s Own Light Cavalry , better known as “The 8th", between January and June 1940 based at Kohat, when it took part in an action in Waziristan. The 8th was one of the last fully horsed Regiments in the Indian Cavalry, the remainder having been mechanised.

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