1st Burma War

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1st Burma War
5 March 1823-24 February 1826
Chronological list of Wars and Campaigns
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Location: Burma
British India Burma
Treaty of Yanabo
Assam, Manipur & Tenasserim ceded to Britain
£5m indemnity paid by Burma
Army of India Medal 1799-1826, Ava 1824-26 Clasp
HEIC Medal for Burma 1824-26
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1st Burma War 1824-26
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The 1st Burma War, also known as the 1st Anglo-Burmese War, was the first of the three British campaigns that led to the complete annexation of Burma.


Burmese expansionist policy on the north east of British India led to refugees from the frontier states of Manipur and Cachar fleeing to British territory and asking for help. Burmese incursions in Sylhet and Cachar in January and February 1824 were defeated. On 5 March war was declared and an expeditionary force under Commodore Charles Grant and Maj-Gen Sir Archibald Campbell sailed to Rangoon which was captured. It took two years and 20,000 casualties before the British defeated the Burmese. The Treaty of Yanabo ceded Assam, Arakan and Tenasserim to the British who also extracted 10 million rupeed indemnity.

A timeline of the 1st Burma War can be viewed in Travels from India to England (1827) by James Edward Alexander, an officer who served in the campaign. The first five chapters are an account of the war from Alexander's perspective whilst accompanying the 45th Regiment of Foot and the Madras Pioneers.

Expeditionary Force

See note[1]
Commanded by Brig-Gen Sir Archibald Campbell KCB
Bengal Infantry Brigade
Lt-Col M'Creagh CB, Brigadier Commanding

Bengal Artillery
Lt-Col George Pollock commanding

1st Madras Infantry Brigade
Lt-Col W Smelt, Brigadier Commanding

2nd Madras Infantry Brigade
Lt-Col C Hodgson, Brigadier Commanding

3rd Madras Infantry Brigade
Lt-Col H F Smith, Brigadier Commanding

4th Madras Infantry Brigade
Lt-Col E Miles CB, Brigadier Commanding


Artillery 916
Pioneers 552
European Infantry 3,969
Native Infantry 5,218
Total 10,655

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