12th Regiment of Madras Native Infantry

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Known as 12th Regiment of Madras Native Infantry in the Madras Army
Known as 72nd Punjabis in the Indian Army


  • 1759 raised as 16th Battalion of Coast Sepoys
  • 1769 became 13th Carnatic Battalion
  • 1770 became 12th Carnatic Battalion
  • 1784 became 12th Madras Battalion
  • 1796 became 2nd Battalion, 8th Regiment of Madras Native Infantry
  • 1824 became 12th Regiment of Madras Native Infantry
  • 1890 became 2nd Burma Infantry
  • 1891 became 12th Regiment (2nd Burma Battalion) Madras Infantry
  • 1901 became 12th Burma Infantry
  • 1903 became 72nd Punjab Regiment
  • 1922 became 3rd/2nd Punjab Regiment
  • 1947 allocated to India on Partition

Battle Honours

British Library holdings

Regimental histories

  • History of the 3rd Battalion, the 2nd Punjab Regiment by H.C. Wylly 1927
  • The Golden Galley : the story of the Second Punjab Regiment 1761-1947 by Geoffrey Betham and H.V.R. Geary.
  • The 2nd Punjab Regiment : a brief outline history of its origin, composition and achievements, published by the Regiment c 1943

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Historical books online

  • "Major Grant’s Narrative", page 283 My Three Years in Manipur and Escape from the Recent Mutiny by Ethel St. Clair Grimwood 1891 Archive.org. Major Grant of the 12th Regiment (2nd Burma Bn) Madras Infantry was awarded the Victoria Cross for the actions in Manipur
  • "Pipe bands in the India Army: Famous Indian Piper and Composer" The Celtic Monthly: A Magazine for Highlanders page 126, Volume XVI 1908. Archive.org. Includes an image of Pipe Major 72nd Punjabis Ian Baz Khan. The 72nd Punjabis wore the MacDougal tartan on the pipe bag. At the time of the article, the regiment was in Burma.