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There were two operations on the North West Frontier in 1935 carried out by the Nowshera Brigade, the Loe Agra Campaign and The Mohmand Campaign.

The Loe Agra Campaign was between 23 February and 13 April 1935.

The Mohmand Campaign was between 16 August and 15 October 1935.


India General Service medal 1908 with clasp North West Frontier 1935. Scroll down for eligibility criteria

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The Loe Agra Campaign.

Mohmand Campaign

Historical books online

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  • The military campaigns of 1935 are mentioned in the following autobiographies of Field Marshal Alexander
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    • Page 83 Alex: the Life of Field Marshal Earl Alexander of Tunis by Nigel Nicolson 1973 Books to Borrow/Lending Library.
  • "The Changing Nature of Operations on the North-West Frontier" by "Shpagwishtama" page 102 USI [United Service Institution of India] Journal Vol LXVI 1936.


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