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Mary Margaret ('Mollie') Kaye (21 August 1908 – 29 January 2004)

M M Kaye was born in Simla and spent most of the years prior to Independence in India. She had published a number of books with little success when she produced The Far Pavilions in 1978. The book (described by one critic as "the Gone With The Wind of the North-West Frontier") sold more than 15 million copies and was adapted for television

In 1957 she had published Shadow of the Moon, her first historical novel, which was set during the Indian Mutiny, with a wealth of accurate detail. However, it was savagely cut by the publisher, leaving it as little more than a romance. In 1979, following the success of The Far Pavilion, Shadow of the Moon was among a number of her books to be re-published. It was restored to its full length, and sold well.[1]

Her three volume autobiography, with series title Share of Summer was published during the 1990s and covers the period until c 1941, when she met her future husband, 'Goff' Godfrey John Hamilton.

She also wrote a number of murder mysteries.

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