Action on the March to Jalalabad

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Action on the March to Jalalabad
Part of 1st Afghan War 1839-42
Date: 11-12 November 1841
Location: Jalalabad, Afghanistan
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 34.456712°N 70.384276°E
Result: British losses
British & Indians Ghilzai tribesmen
Maj-Gen Robert Sale

This was an event during the 1st Afghan War
For context see main article General Sale's March from Kabul to Jalalabad


On 11 November General Sale's brigade left Gundamak and marched to Futtehabad with little opposition. However after pitching camp news came that the Shah's cavalry at Gundamak had joined the enemy. The Shah's Khyber Battalion however remained loyal and came up to join the brigade.

The following day the march began again at dawn. Almost immediately the baggage was attacked by swarms of tribesmen. The rearguard under Col Dennie successfully held off the enemy until a narrow gorge was reached. Passing through, the rearguard made a charge toward the enemy and then suddenly retreated. The Afghans chased them out on to the open plain but were ambushed and slaughtered by the cavalry hidden behind the higher ground. Thereafter the enemy kept its distance until the brigade arrived at Jalalabad.

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