Action on the March to Tezin

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Action on the March to Tezin
Part of 1st Afghan War 1839-42
Date: 22 October 1841
Location: Huft Kotul, Tezin-e Khas, Afghanistan
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 34.350002°N 69.549388°E
Result: British losses
British & Indians Ghilzai tribesmen
Maj-Gen Robert Sale

This was an event during the 1st Afghan War
For context see main article General Sale's March from Kabul to Jalalabad


Sale's brigade left Khoord-Kabul on 22 October and wound through a narrow pass for 17 miles before emerging into the valley of Tezin. There the advance guard encountered a significant Afghan force which they pushed back into the hills. Meanwhile as the rearguard came out of the pass it was attacked and a quantity of baggage and ammunition lost. Lieut. King of the 13th Foot was killed.

Camp was made at Tezin where the force stayed several days. Captain MacGregor negotiated with the local chief securing provisions and forage. General Sale decided to leave the 37th Native Infantry, three companies of Sappers and a detachment of the mountain train to await the arrival of the 54th Native Infantry which was expected from Kabul with a convoy of sick and some treasure. The main force started for Gundamak on 26 October.

Sale's Brigade

Force that set out on 22 October

  • HM Light Infantry under Col Dennie CB
  • 35th Bengal Native Infantry under Col Monteath CB
  • 37th Native Infantry under Maj Griffiths
  • Squadron of 5th Bengal Cavalry under Capt Oldfield
  • Artillery under Capt Abbott
  • Shah's Sappers under Capt George Broadfoot
  • Shah's Mountain Train under Capt Backhouse
  • Troop 2nd Cavalry under Lieut Mayne
  • 200 Jezailchis under Jan Fishan Khan

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