Amritsar Municipality Conservancy Tramway

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Amritsar Municipality Conservancy Tramway

Amritsar Municipality from October 1882 constructed a 'John Fowler' portable tramway as a Conservancy Tramway. The 2ft/610mm narrow gauge(NG) tramway consisted of 5 miles(8km) of track with wagons. The line was in service by Dec 1882 with 2 miles(3.2km) being used for conservancy work and the remaing 3 miles(4.8km) in use for transporting earth to fill the city ditch. The concervancy line was horse worked to draw five wagons and the city ditch line was hand worked [1].

Later the records show that 'John Fowler' supplied 40 wagons and in 1915 three locomotives. The use of these is unkown [1]


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