Artillery elephants

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  • Commissariat, or Army Supply. This Department was responsible for elephants.

Photographs and drawings

Historical books online

  • This extract includes wording from a 1784 book[2] and refers to the skill of the elephants in the Army of Hyder Ali. "It can hardly be imagined how useful these elephants are, nor with what skill and intelligence they do their work". "Baggage of the Indian Army" Calcutta Review, Volume 11 January-June 1849, page 445
  • This extract is about the pushing power of an elephant The Calcutta Review, Volume 8, July-December 1847 page 222
  • "Elephant" Aide-mémoire to the military sciences: Framed from contributions of officers of the different services, Volume 1, page 404 Edited by a Committee of the Corps of Royal Engineers 1853 Google Books
  • "Elephant Battery" The Musical World, Volumes 19-20 1858, page 392 originally appeared in the Illustrated London News. Google Books
  • An account of how a reluctant elephant is made to swim across a river: page 452 Camp and Cantonment‬: ‪A Journal of Life in India in 1857-1859 to which is added A Short Account of the Pursuit of the Rebels in Central India by Majot Paget, RHA by Mrs Leopold Paget 1865 Google Books
  • An elephant tale, 1858 Round-about Rambles in Lands of Fact and Fancy by Frank Richard Stockton, page 9, first published 1872 Google Books
  • "Notes on elephant carriage and steel mountain batteries employed in Abyssinia", page 191 an Appendix to "The Abyssinian Expedition" pages 167-202 Minutes of proceedings of the Royal artillery institution, Volume 6 1870 Google Books
  • "Notes on Elephants and their Transport by Railway" by Capt H Wilberforce Clarke RE from Professional Papers on Indian Engineering Second Series Volume 8 1879 "Notes on Elephants", page 243 "Report on the Transportation of Elephants by Railway", page 289
  • "The Elephant as used in modern Armies", page xxvi (Introduction) A manual of the diseases of the elephant and of his management and uses by John Henry Steel 1885
  • This page advises an elephant battery at Jhansi was abolished c 1903, and the elephants sold. Chota Nagpur, a little-known province of the empire, page 251 by Francis Bradley Bradley-Birt, 2nd edition 1910, first published 1903.
  • "Chapter XII Elephants" page 157 Army Veterinary Service in War by Major-General Sir John Moore AVS 1921
  • An elephant story Toomai of the Elephants from The Jungle Book may be read online from the page Rudyard Kipling. The story is set at the conclusion of the annual hunt for wild elephants, for the Government of India.

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