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Rudyard Kipling was a famous author and poet who was born on 30 December 1865 in Bombay and died 18 January 1936 aged 70 in Middlesex Hospital, London.

Recommended Reading

  • Kipling Sahib : India and the making of Rudyard Kipling. London: Little, Brown, 2007 by Charles Allen. For review see [Biographies Reading List]

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'Lurgan Sahib' in the novel Kim: Alexander M. Jacob
  • "Jacob of Simla," Kipling's "Lurgan Sahib." Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld) 29 March 1921, quoting The Times of 21st January.
  • A note on 'Lurgan Sahib' by Brigadier Alec Mason.
  • "In the oasis" by David Morphet The Guardian, 31 December 2005. A Kipling discovery. At Sewri Cemetery, Bombay the author is shown the grave of Mr A M Jacob of Simla, on whom the Kipling character Lurgan Sahib in the novel Kim is based.

Historical books online

Fictional Works by Rudyard Kipling

Plain Tales from the Hills LibriVox Audiobook read by Mike Harris.
Soldier Tales 1896. With Illustrations
The character 'Petersen Sahib' in this story was based on George P Sanderson. Scroll down for the article 'Petersen Sahib' by Sir Theodore Tasker The Kipling Journal December 1971 Kipling Society
The Jungle Book LibriVox Audiobook read by Phil Chenevert. The Jungle Book (Version 3) LibriVox Audiobook multiple readers.
The Second Jungle Book LibriVox Audiobook
  • Kim with illustrations by J.L. Kipling 1912 edition, first published 1901
Lockwood Kipling, father of Rudyard, created the illustrations by the process of carving them as relief sculptures and then photographing them.[1]
Kim LibriVox Audiobook read by Adrian Praetzellis.
The Light That Failed LibriVox Audiobook

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