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The website states “The Flightglobal Archive invites you to explore 100 years of aviation history as it appeared in the original pages of Flight Magazine from 1909-2005”. There is a search facility.
Examples of articles relevant to India include:

Historical books online

  • "E Pericoloso Sporgersi: Jodhpur to Croydon" by Major-General D. S. Skelton Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps 1935;65:3 pages 197-207. Diary of a flight from Jodhpur to London, via Karachi and the Middle East, including cost details.
  • Chariots of the Air by Harold Keates Hales 1936. Link to a pdf download, STOU Digital Repository Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University, Thailand. Description of an air line trip from England to the East Indies and back. Note, website has been noticed to be unavailable at times. Possibly may be open only during "office hours".