Balasore-Nilgiri Light Railway

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Balasore-Nilgiri Light Railway

The 'Nilgiri Granite and Stone Company Limited' constructed the Balasore-Nilgiri Light Railway. The 13 mile(21km) line ran from the Bengal-Nagpur Railway(BNR) station at Balasore to the granite quarries at Nilgiri.

The line was owned and operated by 'K M Dey & Co'. Construction work commenced in 1908 and opened in 1909. The records show that two 2ft 6in/762mm narrow gauge(NG), dated 1908, were supplied to the operation [1].

In 1913 the company was supplying ballast to the Calcutta Port Commissioners. The Goverment of Madras purchased the company and the railway in 1916 [1].

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