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Town spelling in 1855 'Barsee'; from about 1870 became 'Barsi'. Modern name 'Barshi'

Barsi Town [1] is given in the "Imperial Gazetteer of India"

The Great Indian Peninsula Railway (GIPR) broad gauge(BG) 'South-East Mainline' section from Poona to Barsee Road Station had opened in 1859. This station was 22 miles(35km) from Barsi Town.

The Barsee Tramway was proposed in 1862 to connect the town to the GIPR railway; the tramway which was to be bullock driven was not completed. The trackway was by 1870 being used as a road.

The Barsi Light Railway, a 2ft 6inch(NG) line, between Barsi Road Station on the GIPR (later named Kurduwadi) and Barsi Town opened in 1897. It( was constructed on the old trackway.

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