Battle at Nuffoosk Pass

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Battle at Nuffoosk Pass
Part of 1st Afghan War 1839-42
Date: 31 August 1840
Location: Nuffoosk Pass, Kohlu District, Baluchistan
Presidency: Bombay
Co-ordinates: approx 29.2511°N 68.8960°E
Result: British defeat
British Marri tribes
Major Clibborn
650 2,000
179 killed and 92 wounded


Major Clibborn was dispatched from Sukkur to relieve Captain Lewis who was besieged in the fort at Kahan. He marched via Poolajee (Foliji) and the Surtoff Pass but was heavily defeated at the Nuffoosk Pass and forced to retreat abandoning his guns and baggage.

Relief Column

Major Clibborn

  • 464 Bayonets of 1st Bombay Grenadiers
  • 34 Rank and file of Bombay Artillery under Capt Stamford
  • Three 12 pounder howitzers
  • 100 Poona Auxiliary Horse under Lieut Lock
  • 100 1st Scinde Irregular Horse under Lieut Malcolm
  • 1200 camels
  • 600 bullocks

Named casualties

  • Capt Raitt, 1st Grenadiers
  • Capt Heighington, 1st Grenadiers
  • Lieut Moore, 1st Grenadiers
  • Subadar Gooroo Bux, 1st Grenadiers

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