Battle of Calicut 1790

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Battle of Calicut 1790
Part of 3rd Mysore War
Date: 7-12 December 1790
Location: Tirurangadi, Kozhikode, Kerala
Presidency: Madras
Co-ordinates: 11.043283°N 75.946123°E
Result: British victory
East India Company Kingdom of Mysore
Col James Hartley Martab Khan
Hussein Ali Khan
1 European (75th Highland) Regiment
2 Battalions of sepoys
Field artilllery
5000 Tippu's troops
4000 Mapillas
52 killed 1000 killed and wounded
2,400 prisoners

This was a series of engagements south of Calicut at Venkatakotta (7 December), Tirurangadi (10 December) and Ferokh & Beypore (12 December). The main battle was at Tirurangadi. There is a detailed description in the Malabar Manual on pages 472 & 473. (1)

Hartley's Detachment

  • HM 75th Regiment
  • Native Grenadier Battalion
  • 7 coys 7th Battalion
  • 500 Travancore Horse
  • Battalion of Travancore Sepoys
  • Body of Irregular Nairs
  • 10 guns


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Recommended Reading

Malabar Manual by William Logan 1887 ISBN 8120604469 (Limited Preview at link in Notes Section)


1 Malabar Manual by William Logan Pages 472 ff