Battle of Wana

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Battle of Wana
Part of Mahsud Expedition 1894-95
Date: 3 November 1894
Location: Wana, South Waziristan, NWF
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 32.297925°N 69.575655°E
Result: Attack repulsed/caused Mahsud Expedition 1894-95
British & Indians Mahsud Waziri tribesmen
Brig-Gen A.H.Turner Mullah Powindah
21 killed
34 wounded
about 150 killed

Frontier Delimitation Commission Escort

One Squadron 1st Punjab Cavalry
3rd (Peshawar) Mountain Battery
One Company Bengal Sappers & Miners
3rd Sikhs
20th Punjab Infantry
1st Batt 1st Gurkhas

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Wana location