Benares-Cuttack Railway Survey

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Benares-Cuttack Railway Survey

In the early 1880’s the Government of India(GoI) instigated the survey of the Benares-Cuttack Railway Survey with an extension to Puri, as a pilgrim line from Cuttack in the Orissa region to Benares (Varanasi) [1] At this time the Bengal Nagpur Railway(BNR) network was well developed and two alternative routes were surveyed and estimated. There were high expectations from BNR shareholders of attractive dividends from the pilgrim traffic as well as serving as a famine protection line for the Orissa region[1].

This project was repeatedly postponed and finally abandoned. The GoI had other priorities and BNR were more concerned in linking their network to Calcutta[1].

The section from Cuttack to Puri was constructed by the East Coast State Railway during the period 1893-96. [2].

Personnel engaged on the project


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