Benares-Mirzapur Railway

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The Benares-Mirzapur Railway was a section of the East Indian Railway(EIR) mainline which connected Benares to Mirzapur and was completed by April 1862 [1].

The India Office Records( IOR), as detailed in Records below, indicate that the EIR contracted for the railway to be constructed by Messrs. Hunt and Elmsley in 1857 and the progress was extremely slow.


An on-line search of the India Office Records (IOR) held at the British Library relating to this tramway [2] gives several entries, the most relevant as follows: -

  • Z/E/4/30/M769; “Mirzapur, Remarks upon conduct of Messrs. Hunt and Elmsley & the East Indian Railway and the Mirzapur contract”; 1857
  • Z/E/4/30/M766; “Mirzapur, Railways, Report on delays in contracts in”; 1857


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