Bhagalpur-Bausi-Baidyanath Railway

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Bhagalpur-Bausi-Baidyanath Railway

File:Bhagalpur-Bausi-Baidyanath Railway

A concession was granted 1894-98 to Sir W B Hudson, under branch line terms, for a line from Bhagalpur via Bausi to Ahmadpur, with a branch to Baidyanath. The survey had been made and estimates prepared, a further survey was being undertaken for a more direct route between Bausi and Baidyanath. [1]

A branch railway from Bhagalpur to Mandar Hill was under construction 1907 for the East Indian Railway(EIR) [2].

This line was dismantled in 1917-18 for reasons unknown. The 1918 Administration Report page 59 note 'h' reports this as a "decrease of 31.55 miles due to dismantling of the Bhagalpur to Mandar Hill of the Bhagalpur Bausi Railway" [3].

Mandar Hill Railway Stration and Bausi Town are only 1 mile(1.6km) separated, they are clearly the same location.

There is no evidence to show any extension of the line that was constructed from Mandar Hill/Bausi to Baidyanath or Ahmadpur.

Further Information

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