Bhaganwala Colliery Railway

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Bhaganwala Colliery Railway

The 'Bhaganwala Colliery' was a drift mine owned and supplying coal to the North Western Railway(NWR) and opened in 1894. The other collieries supplying NWR were the Dandot Colliery, the Khost Colliery and the Sharigh Colliery [1]

The use of railways at the mines was sanctioned under the 'India Railways Act, 1890' for the following lines:- Head of incline to crossing station, crossing station to coal platform, foot of incline to Bhaganwala railway station. The records show that railway was a 2ft 6in/762mm narrow gauge(NG) system [2].

The colliery closed in Jan 1899 due to subsidence and underground fires [2]

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