Black Mountain Expedition 1852-53

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Black Mountain Expedition 1852-53
Part of North West Frontier Campaigns
Date: December 1852-January 1853
Location: Black Mountain Range, NWF
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 34.617016°N 72.992962°E
Result: Submission of tribes
British & Indians Hassanzai tribesmen
Lt Col Frederick Mackeson
3,800 British troops


Two Customs Department officials who, despite being warned against entering Hassanzai territory, did so and were murdered by the tribemen. Nevill, Captain H. L., "Campaigns on the North West Frontier" Reprint: Sang-e-Meel Publications, Lahore 2003 pg 22.

Field Force

Right Column
Lieut Col Robert Napier RE

Centre Column
Major J. Abbott, Deputy Commissioner

  • Police (2 Companies)
  • Kashmir Dogras (2 Companies)
  • Levies (1,400 men)
  • 11 Light native guns

Left Column
Capt W.W.Davidson 16th Irregulars

Lt-Col J Butler

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Recommended Reading

Campaigns of the North-West Frontier by Capt H.L.Nevill DSO 1916
Reprinted by The Naval & Military Press Ltd 2005
ISBN 1-845741-87-0