Bombay European Foot Artillery

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  • 1748 raised
  • 1862 taken into British Army. The Bombay Artillery was absorbed into the Royal Artillery as the 18th, 21st and 22nd Brigades.[1]

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  • 10 (Assaye) Battery RA 10 Battery was originally formed in 1755 as the 3rd Company Bombay Artillery. The Battery, at the time of formation, was equipped with cannons pulled by elephants.
  • "The History of 10 Assaye Battery, Royal Artillery", Royal Artillery Historical Society Spring Meeting 2nd April 2003. Now an archived webpage (Word version), (a download to your computer, to a downloads folder, which must then be opened). This Battery was originally part of the Bombay Artillery.

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  1. "The New Artillery Amalgamation", pages 606-607 (December 1861) from Colburn’s United Service Magazine, Volume 97, 1861 Part 3 Google Books