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FIBIS resources

  • "The Memoirs of John Norton of the Bombay Mint" by Joan Harrison FIBIS Journal Number 34 (Autumn 2015) pages 18-26. For details of how to access this article, see FIBIS Journals.
John Norton left England in November 1819 for Bombay, as an artilleryman in the Bombay Artillery. He was appointed to the Gun Carriage Manufactory and subsequently became a Sub Conductor of Ordnance. He was subsequently appointed to the Bombay Mint, where he was required to resign from the Army.

British Library

The British Library's catalogue includes

  • The History of the Royal and Indian Artillery in the Mutiny of 1857 by Julian RJ Jocelyn (1915). For more details, see Royal Artillery.

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"Dress Regulations of the Bombay Artillery" by W. W. F. Chatterton Dickson. Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research Vol. 80, No. 323 (Autumn 2002), pp. 260-261.
"Standing Orders of the Bombay Artillery, 1844" by P. E. Abbott. Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research Vol. 87, No. 349 (Spring 2009), pp. 18-35
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