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An administrative subdivision of British India. The Bombay Presidency covered much of western and central India, as well as parts of Pakistan and the Arabian Peninsula.

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Historical books online

Gazetteer of the Bombay Presidency
All volumes are from, except Volume 7

Imperial Gazetteer of India Provincial Series 1908


  • A Gazetteer of the Province of Sind by AW Hughes 1876
  • The following volumes were originally available on the Digital Library of India website, now with mirror editions on Gazetteer of the Province of Sind by EH Aitken 1907. version. This publication contains matters of a permanent character and general interest. ('A' volume) There are also additional 'B' volumes (probably seven) containing statistical tables and matters of local interest, published in 1919 and 1926-1928.
Volume I- Karachi District 1919; Volume II- Hyderabad District, 1927 version; Volume III -Sukkur District 1919 version; 1928 version; Volume IV- Larkana District, 1927 version; Volume V- Nawabshah District 1926 version; Volume VI-Thar and Parkar District 1919 version. (Not available online: B Volume VII Upper Sind Frontier District, but it is available at the British Library IOR/V/27/63/110).
The Illustrations, HathiTrust Digital Library version with rotatable pages
Illustrations of the Rock-cut Temples of India. Text to Accompany the Folio Volume of Plates by James Fergussson 1845
Life in Western India by Mrs Guthrie published 1881 Volume I, Volume II
The author is stated to be Katharine [or more accurately Katherine] Blanche Guthrie. It appears she was staying in India with her daughter Margaret and her daughter's husband, Major William Augustus Gillespie,[1] Staff Corps, Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General (for Musketry), Belgaum.[2]



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