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Calcutta Tramways

Calcutta Tramways Company - Route Map 1910

A horse tram system opened in January 1881, after a premature experiment in February 1873, a 2.4 mile(3.9 km) tramway service between Sealdah and Armenian Ghat Street was started. It wound up in November due to lack of takers [1].

The British-Indian government started The Calcutta Tramways Company Limited in 1880 as a registered joint stock company in London. The same year a metre gauge(MG) horse-drawn track between Sealdah and Armenian Ghat via Bowbazar Street, Dalhousie Square Customs House and Strand Road was laid [1]

The horse tram system opened in January 1881 and gave way to steam locomotives from 1882 [2].

By the end of the nineteenth century the company owned 166 tram cars, 1000 horses, seven steam locomotives and 19 miles (30km) of tram tracks [3].

During 1900, Electrification of the tramway, and reconstruction of tracks to 4 ft 8 1⁄2 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge (SG) commenced [3].

Electric trams began running on March 27, 1902 and by 1921 there were 35 miles (56 km) of MG track and 512 cars in service [2]

The tram system is still operating today [4].

Tramway Routes

Calcutta Tramways Company Routes, 1910

The following Routes are shown on the ‘Calcutta Tramway Route Map, 1910’ [5] :-

Begatchia Dalhousie Square Grey Street
Begatchia Esplanade Grey Street
Kalighat Esplanade Alipore Lane
Kidderpore Esplanade Maiden
Sealdah Station Dalhousie Square Bow Bazar Street
Nimtolla Dalhousie Square Hare Street
Bagh Bazar Dalhousie Square Lall Bazar Street
Bagh Bazar Esplanade Bentinok Street
Raja Bazar Dal Street Dharamtolla
Nonpuker High Court Wellesley Street
Nonpuker High Court Harrison Road
Sealdah Station High Court Harrison Road
Sham Bayar High Court Bow Bazar Street
Sham Bayar Esplanade Dharamtolla
Kalighat High Court Dalhousie Square North
Tollygunj High Court Dalhousie Square North
Bebala Kidderpore Diamond Harbour Road
Howrah Station Salkia Haregunj Road
Howrah Station Salkia Howrah Road
Howrah Station Sikapore Maidan Road

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The Calcutta Tramway system was vital part of the communication between Calcutta City and suburbs, the Mainline Railway Stations at Sealdah and crossing the Hooghly River to Howrah Station suburbs.
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