Calicut-Azhikal Railway

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The Calicut-Azhikal Railway was an extension to the Madras Railway(MR) which had reached Calicut (now named Kozhikode) in 1888.

The extension opened in stages and by 1902 a distance of 43 miles(70km) was opened from Calicut leaving a about 17 miles still to be completed up to Azhikal. [1]. The line reached Azhikal in 1904 and finally reached Mangalore in 1907 to form the Jalarpet-Mangalore Mainline [2].

The Madras Railway contract expired on 31 Dec 1907. The Jalarpet-Mangalore Mainline section which included the 'Calicut-Azikal Railway' was transferred to South Indian Railway(SIR) on 1 Jan 1908 [2]


Refer to FIBIS Fact File #4: “Research sources for Indian Railways, 1845-1947” - available from the Fibis shop. This Fact File contains invaluable advice on 'Researching ancestors in the UK records of Indian Railways' with particular reference to the India Office Records (IOR) held at the British Library

An on-line search of the IOR records relating to this railway [3] gives the following: -

  • L/F/8/15/1077 “Madras Railway Company, Contract for the construction of a railway from Calicut to Baliapatam and Azikhal; 1901”

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