Capture of Banda 1810

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Capture of Banda 1810
Part of Spice Islands 1810
Date: 9 August 1810
Location: Ambon Island, Indonesia
Presidency: Madras
Co-ordinates: 4.5879002°S 129.97683°E
Result: British occupation
East India Company Dutch
Captain Christopher Cole RN

Expedition Force

  • HM Frigate Caroline, Captain Christopher Cole RN (36 guns)
  • HM Frigate Piedmontaise, Captain Charles Foote RN (38 guns)
  • HM Brig Barracouta, Acting Captain Richard Kenah RN (18 guns)
  • Detachment Madras Artillery {Capt Court)
  • Two Coys Madras European Regiment (Capt Nixon)
  • Madras Artillery, 20 men and 2 guns (Lt Yeates)

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