Capture of Peking

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Capture of Peking
Part of 3rd China War
Date: 14 August 1900
Location: Beijing, China
Presidency: Madras
Co-ordinates: 39.905557°N 116.39583°E
Result: Legations relieved, city occupied
Russians, Japanese, British & Americans Chinese
Lieutenant-General Alfred Gaselee

Spelling Variants

Modern name: Beijing
Variants: Pei-p'ing/Pekin/Peking

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Historic books online

  • Indiscreet letters from Peking edited by B.L.Putnam Weale. (googlebooks). Title further states "Being the notes of an eye witness, which set forth in some detail, from day to day, the real story of the seige and sack of a distressed capital in 1900 - the year of great tribulation". Also available at