Delhi Municipal Conservancy Tramway and Railway

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Delhi Municipal Conservancy Tramway and Railway In 1896-97 a Conservancy Tramway of unknown gauge was laid by the Delhi Municipality in conjunction with the building of the city sewerage works at Kilokri. This works was closed in 1938 after the building of a new works. It is route of the tramway and if locomotives were used on this line are not known [1].

In 1934 it was decided to build a broad gauge(BG) line for the disposal of the city’s refuse to run from the city to the Horse Shoe Jheel on the Ambala Road at Badli, a length of 9 miles(14km). And was in use by Nov 1937. There were loading platforms at Qutab Road and Subzimandi Road and the line was worked by North Western Railway(NWR). It is unknown how long the system was in use [1].

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