Eric Cambell Geddes

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Eric Cambell Geddes, Sir (1875-1937)

Politician and businessman, was born at Agra, India, on 26 September 1875, the second of five children of Auckland Campbell Geddes, civil engineer, of Edinburgh [1] who had been a prominent figure in the survey and construction of Indian Railways for almost 30 years ... until 1880[2]

Railway Achievements in India

Eric Cambell Geddes, with his railroad and logging experience, was appointed Estate Manager by Carew & Company of Calcutta , who managed forest land in the marshy jungle foot-hills of the Himalayas. Estate and also owned and operated the Powayan Steam Tramway Company, which had opened in 1890. As an aid to further jungle clearance he extended the existing light railway and became Manager of the Powayan Steam Tramway [3]

In 1899 Eric Geddes joined the Rohilkund and Kumaon Railway when it assumed control of the extended line. In 1901 he became Traffic Superintendent and returned to Britain in 1903 [3].