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The Frontier Constabulary, or F C, was established in 1913 by the amalgamation of the Border Military Police and the Samana Rifles

In 1922 another temporary War Corps of Mohmand Militia in the Shabqadar area was merged with the F C

Shabqadar Fort became F C’s headquarters in 1921-22. It now serves as its District HQ. [1]

It was similar in structure to the Khyber Rifles, in that it was not a “regiment” of the Indian Army, rather it was an armed police or para-military unit paid for by the civil purse and under the control of the local Political Agent.

The FC was tasked with sweeping for gangs, handling situations until troops were required, and importantly, providing early intelligence of frontier happening and movements.[2]

Note, the Frontier Constabulary is a different organisation to the similarly named Frontier Force, or Frontier Corps

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