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Shabqadar Fort is situated in the Peshawar Valley, 16 miles north of Peshawar, built on an ancient mound overlooking the surrounding Mohmand country. Built in 1837 and named Shankargarh, it was one of a number of forts built around Peshawar during the Sikh Empire (1820s-1840s) which were later strengthened by the British

Shabqadar Fort became the headquarters of the Frontier Constabulary in 1921-22. It now serves as its District HQ.

There was a British Cemetery here.[1]

Spelling Variants

Shabqadar, Shubkadr, Shabkadar, Shankargarh

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  1. Video: Frontier Constabulary and Fort Shabqadar by Ali Jan Qissa Khwani on Facebook. Contains some images of memorial inscriptions for British soldiers at the Fort.