Ghora Horse-drawn Tram, Gangapur

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Ghora Horse-drawn Tram, Gangapu

During modernisation works on the Gogira branch canal in 1898 (some sources say 1903), a large electric motor was installed to pump water for irrigation purposes at Gangapur, Faisalabad District (now in Pakistan). The motor was delivered to the nearest North Western Railway(NWR) station at Buchiana, approximately three kilometres from Gangapur. In order to transport it to its final destination a narrow gauge(NG) horse drawn Tramway of approximately 2ft/610mm gauge was laid [1].

When the project was finished the line was left in place and was used for the transport of goods and passengers between these two villages. Two trains ran from each end and met at the mid point of the line. Passengers then transferred between the two trains and the horses were turned to draw the trains back to their starting point. Goods traffic ceased in c.1993 and passenger traffic c.1998 [1].

In 2010 the line was reopened [2]


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