Gondia-Chanda Extension Railway

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Gondia-Chanda Extension Railway

  • ‘Gondia-Chanda Mainline’, opened from Gondia to Nagbhir, 1908; to Rajoli, 1910; to Babupeth, 1913; reaching Chanda Fort in 1916. The Nagbhir-Chanda work was started in 1906 but due to the shortage of funds was not completed until 1st April 1913 .[1] as far as Babupeth with the last 2 miles to Chandra Fort opening in 1916. Length 149 miles(239 km)[2]
    • ’Nagbhir-Nagpur Extension’, opened from Nagbhir to Itwari , in suburbs of Nagpur, 1908 with later rearrangements at Itwari. Length 68 miles ( 109km) [1]

Further Information

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