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Non-British Ancestors:

Recommended reading

Ulysses in the Raj by Paul Byron Norris. London: BACSA Books, 1992

"Of the many European communities that settled in India under the protective umbrella of the British Empire perhaps the least chronicled was the Greek... The author is himself a direct descendant of the founder of the Greek Merchantile community of Calcutta... [T]he activities of the most prominent members of the community [are described]... The adventures of Greek mercenary soldiers who served as officers in the armies of the Mahratta princes and the missionary work in Bengal of the Greek Orthodox priests are also covered...The second half of the book is concerned with the arrival, in 1857, of the Greek commercial colossus, Ralli Brothers, in Calcutta, its subsequent spread over all of Northern India and the history of Greek families such as the Paniotys and Nicachis... The book also contains useful appendices of lists of Greek merchants in India, gathered from original sources." The full review is on pp. 28-29 of FIBIS Journal 2 (December 1999)

Includes "The Greek Community in Bengal 1774-1857" Chapter 7 pages 78-108.

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"Glimpses of the Greek Community from the Dhaka University: A follow-up" by Helen Abadzi.