Gunduck Bridge

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The Gunduck Bridge was constructed by the Tirhoot State Railway(TSR) completing the connection with the Bengal and North-Western Railway. The bridge was opened in 1887 and consisted of 8 spans of 250 feet with a half mile viaduct on one bank of the river. [1].


  • Horace Bell was deployed from the Railway Branch of the Public Works Department, to the TSR early in 1884, first as Engineer-in-Chief, and then as both Manager and Engineer-in-Chief. With the exception of a short interval from July to October, 1881, when he officiated as Director of the North Western State Railway, was employed on the TSR and received the thanks of the Government of India for his services in connection with the consruction of the Gunduck Bridge on that line in 1887.
  • Robert Atwell Way was the Executive Engineer in charge of the construction of the Gunduck Bridge completed in 1887.