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Hodsons Horse Capbadge

Brevet Major William Hodson raised a cavalry regiment (Hodson's Horse) during the Indian Mutiny. In 1858 this was split into three regiments:

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  • Obituary of Charles Chenevix Trench, c 1914 -2003 (telegraph.co.uk) He served as an Indian Army officer in the 1930s, commissioned into Hodson's Horse, and winning an MC during the Second World War . In 1946 he retired from the Army to follow his father into the Indian Political Service for the 18 months until Partition. His 19 books included three classic accounts of British India: The Indian Army and the King's Enemies, 1900-1947; The Frontier Scouts; and The Viceroy's Agent, all published in the 1980s and available at the British Library

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  1. Hodson’s Horse 1857-1922 Naval & Military Press reprint edition.