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The country of Iraq was previously part of the area known as Mesopotamia. It was also known as Turkish Arabia.

Iraq's modern borders were created in 1920 by a League of Nations mandate and Iraq was placed under British control, known as the British Mandate of Mesopotamia. A monarchy was established in 1921 and the Kingdom of Iraq gained independence from Britain in 1932.

The capital is Baghdad.

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  • See General Register Office for births, marriages and deaths.
  • London Metropolitan Archives has a catalogue reference DL/E/E/065/MS11221 Certificates and Copy Certificates of Marriages at St. Peter's Church, Basra. 1922-8
  • The Lambeth Palace Library, London, the principal repository of the documentary history of the Church of England, holds some limited overseas registers and transcripts including "Near East: St Peter's Bazra, 1943-1966 (MSS.2505-7, 2675); Mesopotamia, (now Iraq) 1883-1966 (MSS.2669-76); St George's Baghdad (MS.3979)".[1]
  • The BACSA Archive at the British Library Mss F370 has item 825 Iraq, content not known but possibly about the cemeteries rather than records.
    • Baghdad, civil cemetery: 1886-1980
    • Abadan, St Christopher's
    • Habbaniya
    • Kut
  • A search for Baghdad in the online Catalogue of the Society of Genealogists, London gives the following entry:
    • Baghdad (Civil cemetery) : MIs: Asia monumental inscriptions, vol. 1 by Andrew Peake (8 pages, typescript)
The FamilySearch Library catalogue has an entry for this typescript. However it appears to be only available at the Library in Salt Lake City, (and is noted to be unavailable at 2020/05). The book has also been digitised but shows as "Protected" status ("Due to copyright restrictions, this book cannot be viewed online"), catalogue entry FamilySearch Digital Library. The Digital Library is Searchable.
A search for Persian Gulf in the SoG catalogue includes the following entry:
  • Persian Gulf (& surrounds) : MIs: An Indian miscellany, consisting of genealogical & biographical notes & lists of monumental inscriptions by H Bullock and H K Percy-Smith 1941-44

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  • "The Raj Reconsidered: British India’s Informal Empire and Spheres of Influence in Asia and Africa" by James Onley Asian Affairs Volume XL, no. I, March 2009 Pdf.
Onley wrote the book The Arabian frontier of the British Raj: merchants, rulers, and the British in the nineteenth-century Gulf by James Onley 2007 Sample pages Google Books including page 118 showing in a table the Persian Gulf Division of the Bombay Postal Circle (Bombay GPO) and the Sindh Postal Circle (Karachi GPO), in Basrah and Baghdad.
Briefly mentions the Indo-European Telegraph Department connecting India with Baghdad, in the early 1860’s, the route being Karachi, Gwadur (Baluchistan), Fao (now Fawr, Iraq), Basra, Baghdad, (then part of greater Turkey), and from there to Europe.
Most of the diary entries are for 1921. It is difficult for some/all browsers to navigate this website, see hints below if you want to read additional entries.[3]

Historical books online

  • [Selections from the Records of the Bombay Government. New series. no. 43] Memoirs by Commander James Felix Jones I.N: steam-trip to the North of Baghdad in April 1846 with notes on various objects of interest en route : journey for the purpose of determining the tract of the ancient Nahrwan canal undertaken in April 1848 with a glance at the past history of the territory of the Nahrwan : journey to the frontier of Turkey and Persia through a part of Kurdistan : researches in the vicinity of the Median Wall of Xenophon and along the old course of the River Tigris and discovery of the site of the ancient Opis : memoir on the province of Baghdad : notes on the topography of Ninevah and the other cities of Assyria and on the general geography of the country between the Tigris and the upper Zab founded upon a trigonometrical survey made in the year 1852. Published 1857. version lacks title page, and including "Memoir on the Province of Baghdad. 1855". Includes coloured images and is a mirror from Wellcome Library where pages are rotatable. Also available Qatar National Library Read online or download. There may be difficulty opening the file. Also available, mirror from Granth Sanjeevani, Asiatic Society of Mumbai.
There was a 1998 facsimile re-publication with the title Memoirs of Baghdad, Kurdistan & Turkish Arabia 1857 by J. F Jones , Indian Navy.
Outline Map showing Routes: Volume II, Outline Map showing Routes: Volume III, Outline Map showing Routes: Volume IV
Article "The Raj Reconsidered: British India’s Informal Empire and Spheres of Influence in Asia and Africa" by James Onley. Asian Affairs, vol. XL, no. I, March 2009


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