Jhagadia-Netrang Railway

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The Jhagadia-Netrang Railway was a branch to the 2ft 6in/762mm narrow gauge(NG) Rajpipla State Railway(RSR). The railway was owned by the Princely Rajpipla State

The Maharaja Sir Vijaysinhji was responsible for the construction work of the 40 mile (64km) line [1] between Jhagadia (on the Rajpipla-Ankleshwar RSR line) and Netrang. The branch was completed by the year 1932, increasing the Rajpipla State railway network to 59 miles(94km) [2].

He also seperately is reported to have set up a 19-mile (31 kilometres) steam railroad and tramway connecting the towns along the river Narmada with villages in the interior, and a power house supplying electricity and water to Rajpipla town [1]. No further information has been found regarding this tramway - it is therefore being listed separately as Rajpipla Tramway

Further Information

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