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and Publisher

There are some letters and manuscripts regarding some journalists in the Private Papers held at the British Library. References might also be found in Political and Secret Department Records and Public and Judicial Department Records as well as many other sources useful for researching non-official inhabitants such as Thackers Directories, East India Registers and bonds.

FIBIS resources

  • "From Soldier to Newspaperman: The Varied Experiences of Joachim Hayward Stocqueler in Bombay and Calcutta from 1819 to 1843" by Audrey T Carpenter FIBIS Journal Number 33 (Spring 2015) pages 3-15.
  • "The Life of George Parbury, associate of Allen, Thacker and Spink" by Dr John Carpenter FIBIS Journal Number 34 (Autumn 2015) pages 3-17.
For details of how to access these articles, see FIBIS Journals.

External Links

  • Journalism and Politics in Colonial India by Dr. Usha Rani Bansal, Professor Department of History, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
  • Lang, John (1816–1864) by John Earnshaw. Australian Dictionary of Biography. An Australian, Lang came to India in 1842, where he initially practiced as a barrister at the Calcutta Bar, until he founded the Mofussilite, c 1846, which became one of the most important newspapers in India. He died in Mussoorie in 1864.
"The story of John Lang" by Venkat Ananth, November 18 2014. John Lang was considered among the earliest champions of a free press in India.
See Historical books online, below for a series of sketches by Lang of British social life in India.

Historical books online

The article continues in ten more parts:
Bengal continues in Vol. 125 Jan, April, July October 1908. Bombay: Vol.129 Oct 1909; Vol.130 Jan, April; Vol.131, July 1910; Vol.132, Jan, April 1911.[1] Some of these parts, based on catalogue descriptions, appear to be available online as pdf downloads from the Digital Library of India. See Calcutta Review for those editions available online.


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