Kathgodam-Nandhaur Forest Tramway

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Kathgodam-Nandhaur Forest Tramway

Kathgodam had a branch line connection from the to Philibit to Bareilly section of the Rohilkund and Kumaon Railway(R&KR) metre gauge(MG) railway [1]. The 'Nandaur Forest Reserve' lies some 32km to the south-east of Kathgodam.

An article in the 'Times Of India' [2] states that plans from 1927-37 show a 30 km tramway rail track from Nanhaur to Kathgodam and that it was operational from 1923-24. It states that 'the Forest Department used to operate its own Tramway til the late 1980's'.

The article also referes to the 'Tanakpur-Boom Forest Tramway'- see separate page. This was a much shorter 4km tramway.

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