Khushal Garh Bridge

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Khushal Garh Bridge

The Khushal Garh Bridge is situated between Khushalgarh and Kohat crossing the Indus river. The broad gauge(BG) bridge was completed in 1907 as part of the Khushalgarh-Kohat-Thal Railway. Prior to this date the BG line terminated at Khushalgarh and a narrow gauge(NG) line continued from the right bank of the Indus via Kohat to Thal, this line was converted to BG.

Khushal Garh Bridge

The BG line was opened in 1908 thus connecting from Jand on the NWR mainine through to Kohat as the ‘NWR Frontier Kohat Section’ , 39 miles(63km) [1] and the ‘Kohat-Thal Section’, 62 miles(100km) to Thal, the entire line was merged into the 'NWR System'[2].

It is reported to have been constructed by a Mr Robertson (unable to verify). It is the shortest bridge over Indus river. [3]

On this bridge the train track and vehicles road for vehicles are constructed together. The upper side is used for trains and lower one for general traffic. [4]

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