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Khyber Ropeway Company 1919 to c 1925

In 1925 the following was written:

"Ropeway to be Dismantled
A large part of the Khyber ropeway, which , since its erection in 1919 has handled a maximum of 200 tons of goods per day, is to be dismantled owing to difficulties with the Afghans. The total length of the ropeway is 19 miles".[1]

The ropeway system was run by the Khyber Ropeway Company, part of the Royal Army Service Corps.[2] It appears to have been part of Mechanical Transport.[3]

Lord Montagu of Beaulieu in a House of Lords debate 31 March 1921 said

"Two years ago I was delighted to find that the Government of India carried out a recommendation which I made that there should be a wire ropeway in the Khyber Pass. This has been completed, and has lately taken over twenty tons of stores a day to the summit "[4]

H M Glover of the IFS advised that the Khyber ropeway was erected on the same plan as a ropeway at Patriata of the heavy endless cable type, erected in 1910 for bringing firewood to the troops at Murree, as a consequence of General Sir Gerald Kitson’s aquaintance with the Patriata ropeway in 1912. After the Khyber ropeway was dismantled, part was re-erected by the Forest Department in three sections of total length 8 miles for bringing firewood to Abbottabad. [5]

The King’s College London , Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives website has a catalogue reference "Douglas-Scott-Montagu 7/42 1918 Apr 10 Memoranda, Articles and Reports: Report by Montagu and Capt S Limby on the use of wire ropeways on the North West Frontier and hill stations. Ref S80 QMG. Printed 4 pp and map of proposed road and ropeway Makeland District (2 copies)"

The King’s College London , Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives website has a catalogue reference " Liddell: 15/3/167 1910-1936 :Journal articles relating to British defence in India, including …..'The Khyber Ropeway Company' by Lt Col Richard Parry Crawley in Royal Army Service Corps Quarterly [1931]". However, it is believed the reference year does not apply to the journal article, for which the correct reference is RASC Quarterly - Volume 12 - 1924 (April, pages 137- c 156)[6]

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