Kodaigaon Manganese Mine Railway

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Kodaigaon Manganese Mine Railway

The 'Indian Manganese Company' established the Kodaigaon Manganese Mine which commenced operations in 1904 at Kodaigaon, Nagpur Distict, Central Provinces; Martin & Company were the Managing Agent . The prospecting and mining rights having been held by 'Messrs Gow-Smith, Dundas Whiffen & Co'. In 1932 it was described as the deepest open cast manganese mine in India [1].

The ore was loaded into tubs running on lines down the centre of the mine floor, which were tipped into skips which were drawn up a 45 degree incline at the end of the line. Seperate inclines removed the overburden linking to lines around the sides of the mine. The record show that a 2ft/610mm narrow gauge(NG) system was used [1].

The ore when reaching the surface was tipped into tubs which ran alongside the Bengal Nagpur Railway (BNR) wagons for transportation from the site [1].


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