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Presidency: Bombay
Present Day Details
Place Name: Kotri
State/Province: Sindh
Country: Pakistan
Transport links

Kotri was a small town Upper Sind.

Spelling Variants

Modern name: Kotri
Varients: Kotree


  • "......the attractive Christ Church in Kotri, built of stones. Among the earliest churches of Pakistan it was built in 1846 in what was to be the railway colony, where it catered to the religious needs of the British in the region. Its arch is a fine specimen of Lancet Art." [1]

External Links

Historical books online

  • "Kotri", page 452 A Gazetteer of the Province of Sind by Albert William Hughes, Bombay Uncovenanted Civil Service 2nd edition 1876 Archive.org
  • "Kotri Town" Imperial Gazetteer of India, Volume 16, page 5.


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