Kulti Iron Works Railway

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Kulti Iron Works Railway

The 'Kulti Iron Works' was originally established as the ‘Barakar Iron Works Co’, 1875-79; taken over by the Government of India, 1881. Sold later to the ‘Bengal Iron and Steel Co.’ with ‘Martin & Company’ as Managing Agent from 1892 until 1919 when a new company ‘Bengal Iron Co’ acquired the business (Later in 1936 becoming ‘Indian Iron and Steel Co.’) [1].

During 1905 the East Indian Railway(EIR) had lent the works broad gauge(BG) locomotives for 'sidings work'. In 1910 the company began to mine iron ore from the Chiria Iron Ore Mines at Manoharpur. The company's own collieries supplied coal for the coke ovens; these were connected to the works by a 2 mile(3.2km) 2ft/610mm narrow gauge(NG) tramway[1].


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