Lakheri Cement Works Railway

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Lakheri Cement Works Railway

The Cement Works at Lakheri , Bundi District, Rajputana was established in 1913 as the ‘Bundi Hydraulic Lime & Cement Company’ for which ‘Killick, Nixon & Company’ were the Managing Agent; it was renamedthe ‘ Bundi Portland Cement’ in 1916. It had a limestone quarry 1 mile(1.6km) from the works, the gypsum was obtained from Jodhpur, Marwar and Punjab and the coal from Central Provinces and Bengal. It became one of the founding companies of the ‘Associated Cement Company’ in 1936 [1].

The works are at the end of a 2¼ mile(3.5km) north bound broad gauge(BG) Branch connecting BG mainline just north of Lakheri Station. The works were served by a 2ft/610mm narrow gauge(NG) system with locomotives dating from 1920-21 [1].


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