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Killick, Nixon & Company, set up in 1857, acted as Agents for many enterprises. They were a Managing Agent and general merchant company and active in Bombay from the mid 1860's. Later becoming Agent's in Bombay for Parry & Company [1].

The Company created the Central Provinces Railway Co Ltd (CPRC) and acted as its Agent. The company built this narrow gauge line in 1903 to carry cotton from Yavatmal to the main line to Mumbai from where it was shipped to Manchester in England.

They also acted as Agents for other Railway related projects as can be seen from the India Office Records see 'Records' below for references to Rajputana-Malwa State Railway and Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railway.

Other Railway Interests

The records show that in 1914 ‘Killick, Nixon & Company’ of Bombay had partners Lowther Robert Windham Frorest, Sir Henry Edward Eddleston Procter, Thomas William Berkett, Walter Henry Ogston and Harold Percival Hebblethwaite. They entered into an Agreement to construct and equip the following two railways [2].

These railways were to be operated by the Guzerat Railway Company - see separate page

Agency Business


An on-line search of the India Office Records (IOR) records held at the British Library relating to this Company [3] gives the following:-

  • L/F/8/14/1008; “Messrs. Killick Nixon and Co., Agreement for the formation of a company for constructing a railway from Ahmedabad to Prantej in connection with the Rajputana Malwa” ; 9 Dec 1896
  • L/F/8/14/1010; “Messrs. Killick, Nixon and Company, Agreement for the formation of a company for the construction of a railway from Surat to Nundurbar and on to Amalner, in connection with the Bombay, Baroda and Central Indian Railway Co”; 11 Jun 1896
  • L/F/8/16/1098; “Messrs Killick, Nixon & Co, Agreement for the formation of a company for the construction of a railway from Sabarmati to Dholka in connection with the Rajputana-Malwa Railway”; 11 Apr 1901
  • Mss Eur D621; “Diaries and scrapbooks of Wilfrid Russell, businessman, Bombay 1935-56” -Contents note “Russell Collection: diaries and scrapbooks of Wilfrid William Russell, businessman in India employed by Killick, Nixon & Co 1935-56....”.


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